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SO…. What the heck is life-coaching?

– Coaching consists of regular conversations designed to help you claim your worth, live your values, and crush your goals.  A coaching relationship is a powerful partnership that assists you in ditching your fears and limitations so you can dive deeply into being the best version of yourself.  It’s fun, challenging, uncomfortable at times, and life-changing… you need to be open to jumping into the unknown and trusting in your own perfect process.  You don’t need to know how, you only need the desire to take the first step!  I’m here to guide you through the rest.

How can you help me? 

– I’m here to help you help yourself.  I provide you with tools, feedback, support, accountability, and strategy to become the best version of you.  It’s said that the greatest gift you can give someone is to see their beauty and greatness and reflect it back to them- and that’s exactly what I do.

How does it work?

– I offer Phone/In-Person Coaching on a bi-weekly basis, a self-led, online course (coming in Spring 2019), group coaching programs, and free tools to get you started.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

– You won’t really know until you try it, which is why I offer a free 30 minute consultation call for you to feel things out. There are all sorts of coaches with different specialties so if I’m not the right one I’d love to refer you to someone within my network!

I specialize in:

• Self-worth & self-care

• Creating balance for entrepreneurs

• Boundaries

• Family relationships

• Codependency

• Stepping into your personal power

• Self-discovery

• Life-design

Where does coaching happen?

-Anywhere you are!  Coaching conversations happen over the phone, through the inter-webs, and occasionally in-person.  The average session lasts 45 minutes, and happens as much as twice per week or as little as once a month.

Why do I need a life-coach?

– You don’t!  The truth is, you’re a perfectly capable human-being who’s been livin’ your way through life… and you’ve made it this far on your own! (you rock!)  No one NEEDS a life-coach, however, if you’re tired of your own ideas and you’re ready to grow and change, then coaching is the next step for you.

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