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At our most recent haircut I began to share my new project about empowerment through beauty. What happened next is one of the BEST things about my job…

Dan’s a car guy. So he began with this wonderful analogy:

It’s like a vintage Ferrari… it’s a Ferrari. It’s always a Ferrari and it’s always beautiful and valuable and skillfully put together. But after awhile, the car doesn’t look or run quite like it did when it was fresh off the showroom floor. Looking under the hood, it could always use some tinkering to improve it…
As we age, many of us neglect our upkeep. Simply taking care of ourselves… getting our ‘tune-ups’ (self-care) and polishing our exterior (a new haircut!!) is our responsibility- because we’re valuable. Just because we’re getting older and may not look like we once did doesn’t mean we are any less beautiful or valuable. Actually, the opposite is true. Ferrari’s gain value. What was once a $300,000 vehicle can appreciate to upwards of $1 million. So do we gain value as we age- we gather wisdom, and have more to offer ourselves and society.

I LOVE this analogy.

He went on to say:
For me, deciding to get my haircut is exciting- I’ve been excited to get a new style since we set up the appointment because of how it makes me feel. Getting a good haircut is like a confidence builder because I made the decision. For me. Not for anyone else. In my opinion, when you’re going through a transition- trying to start something new- drop weight, get a new job, changing your hair can be the easiest and simplest confidence builder. It can spark the changes you want to make on the inside by how good it makes you feel….

Well said, Dan. And thank you!!

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