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I Got Chic-Fil-A’d: The Day I Forgot Everyone Has A Story

I completely misjudged a client a few months ago, and all I could think of afterwards was: how do I get my foot out of my mouth, and holy crap, I just got Chic-Fil-A’d.

Let me explain.

10+ years in the salon business has taught me countless life lessons.

About relationships, professionalism, teamwork, beauty, and love.

The job itself, cutting hair, isn’t my teacher (although, don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned to cut and style hair like a BOSS); the real teachers are my clients. And they’ve taught me over and over again, that everyone has a story (if we bother to read it).

One of my favorite regular guests (let’s call her Jane) came to me for her regularly scheduled appointment- Jane comes in about every 7 weeks.

She was over 15 minutes late on this particular day, and our general salon policy is to reschedule haircuts if the guest is over 15 minutes late- it ensures the highe

st level of service.

When Jane finally arrived 20 minutes into her appointment time, I decided to absolutely still cut her hair- I had conveniently had a cancelation after her appointment and I do not like to tell guests they have to come back.

When she sat down in my chair, frazzled from the rush to get there, I decided to poke fun a little bit.

Jane and I KNOW each other- so I knew we had a relationship that could handle a little teasing. I made a comment about her being late to her appointment and not prioritizing her hair.

I NEVER DO THIS. I’m not really sure what came over me, I was feeling particularly sassy that day.

What she said in return was something I’ll never forget. She said, ‘You will not believe what’s happening right now…’ and she launched into her heart-wrenching story about her husband breaking his neck in a freak bike accident, being mis-diagnosed, and finally being treated (he very nearly could have died).

Jane had been house-bound with her husband for over a month. This was her first attempt at leaving the house to have a little time for self-care. (The story I had forgotten to bother to read).

And here I was giving her a hard time for being late to her hair appointment. Insert foot in mouth.

It gave me a real slap in the face that I most definitely needed. (Thanks, Jane).

And here’s where Chic-Fil-A comes in.

We had a salon meeting a couple years ago where the owner of our company shared an inspirational video. This video was produced by Chic-Fil-A. The video scans around people inside a Chic-Fil-A restaurant and highlights different workers and customers with a little blurb about what’s going on for them ‘behind the scenes’ in their life. The purpose of the video is to remind us all that everyone has a story, if we bother to read it.

If someone is not being kind to you, or isn’t showing up in the way you expected them to, it’s often easy to take their behavior personally. Sometimes we consider these people to be rude or un-friendly.
The thing we so quickly forget is that this person, EVERY PERSON, has a story. A family. Their own set of circumstances. Vulnerablities. Weaknessess. Insecurities.

Oftentimes, someone’s behavior is simply a result of a circumstance they’re currently dealing with in their life, and not an indicator of malice or disrespect.

In my situation with Jane, I got Chic-Fil-A’d. Hard.

I had forgotten that she had a story. And it turned out there was more going on than I could have imagined.

It was just the reminder I needed to come back to a place of empathy, understanding, and service.

Have you ever completely mis-judged someone or a situation?
Leave a comment below! I love hearing your stories even more than I love sharing mine ;).



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