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Shopping Reminded Me To Enjoy The Journey

I was speed shopping at Target the other day –

and I was on a very clear mission: all I needed was make-up brush cleaner.
I walked down the center walkway and peered down each aisle filled with make-up and skin care. I swear, every time I’m there, they’ve put it in a different spot.

I found myself standing at the end of various aisles,

peering down to try to catch a glimpse of the elusive brush cleaner. ‘I wish I just knew which aisle it was located in,’ I remember myself thinking. Then I wouldn’t have to walk up and down every freaking aisle until I found it…
And that’s when it hit me:

How am I just supposed to know the ‘right’ way to get somewhere?

I’ve spent much of my life ‘peering down the aisles’, not wanting to commit to the journey of walking down them before knowing exactly what I’d find at the end. In my mind it seemed much more efficient and safe to evaluate things from afar until I thought I could see the thing I wanted and predict the outcome.

I wanted to skip the journey.

I wanted to know the safest, most efficient way to get somewhere without learning first how to get there.

Do you know what’s even better than thinking you’ve got it all figured out and only then going for it?
Letting go of wanting to control the outcome and deciding to enjoy the journey.

Who knows, something better and unexpected might show up.

In my case at Target, I eventually found my brush cleaner, and also eyelashes, and a new make-up case.

Committing to enjoying the journey proves to be much less stressful than trying to predict where things are and how situations will show up before taking the steps to get there. Besides, that’s where all the fun, learning, and growth happens!!

This has been life lessons at Target: thanks for the friendly reminder- I’ll gladly wander the aisles from now on with an open heart and mind.




What reminds you to enjoy the journey?  Leave a comment below- I love hearing from you!

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