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What Do You Want? The REAL reason you aren’t getting what you want, and how to fix it.

A question for you. What do you want?

I’m not asking what SHOULD you want.

I’m not asking what do you think you want.


There was a call once with my former coach where he asked me if I wanted to play a game. Here’s what happened: I was hesitant to commit- it felt like a trick or a trap but usually our conversations led me to revelations that I needed to hear so I said ‘I think so?’ He asked me again. Do I want to play? Finally I said yes. (why was it so hard to commit?!?!?!)

He then asked me, ‘What do you want?’

Over and over. For 20 minutes straight. It was amazing the thoughts that came to my mind. Initially things came up like, clarity- (meaning- I want to know what I want!!!), a meal that I don’t have to calculate calories for…, What do I want… like I don’t know! World peace?!

Then I started to get frustrated.

Why was it so hard to say what I wanted? I knew at that moment I was thinking, ‘right now, Josh- I want to punch you in the face for showing me how hard it is to decide and take responsibility for what I want’.

Maybe the hardest part of taking charge of your life is your acknowledgment that you want something different.

There’s POWER there- it means action must be taken. It means you taking responsibility for what you want. It means it’s on YOU if you don’t go after it. It means- deep down somewhere there’s a reason you don’t already have it.

Maybe you’ve been telling yourself you can’t or shouldn’t.
Maybe you don’t feel good enough for it.
Maybe you’re worried about what others will think of you.
Maybe you don’t know HOW to get it so you don’t even try.

Let me ask you this:

What do you want?

and, most importantly, Who are you not to have it?

No one deserves something MORE than someone else- so stop looking at those who have what you want and are doing what you want to do and lusting after it- wondering why they have it and you don’t- they have it because deep down they believe they DESERVE it. So- go out and get it!

The world is your playground, so let me ask you- do you want to play?


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