If you’ve already started looking for your wedding hair and makeup artist you’ve probably noticed it’s VERY overwhelming! Here are four steps to make the process simple and fun.

1) Envision Your Dream Wedding Morning

This may seem like a silly step to go through before hiring your hair and makeup team, but roll with me here. Close your eyes, and imagine your dream wedding morning. You’re spending TONS of time, money, and energy on this day- you will want your morning to be just as intentional as your ceremony and reception!
So- what’s your perfect wedding morning scenario? Do you wake up early for a run, followed by breakfast with your gal-pals, then grab your Tiffany-blue yeti cups filled with champagne and head off to the local salon? Or maybe you roll out of your plush hotel bed to a group breakfast in your suite, followed by 90’s dance jamz and an onsite hair and makeup team to help you prep.
Whatever your dream, there’s a perfect team and plan to help you carry it out. It helps to have the vision FIRST so you can use it as a guide for your search.

2) Look For Hair And Makeup Inspiration

The next step to finding your perfect local wedding hair and makeup artist (or someone to fly in), is to pull up your Pinterest page and start scrolling. Are you a half-up-boho-braid kinda gal? Or a classic low bun? Will you choose airbrush or traditional makeup? (Here’s an article on that to help you decide!)
Consider your hair type and dress shape as you make your choices, and your expert hair and makeup artist will help you adapt it beautifully to you.  It’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for so you can find an artist who’s awesome at the look you want to achieve!  Which brings us to step three:

3) Find Artists Who Fit Your Vision

Okay, you’ve done all the dreaming and visualizing, now it’s time to find your wedding hair and makeup artists. If you’re in Minnesota, or would like us to travel, check us out here!)
It’s important now to find artists who fit your vision. If you’re looking for a salon, type in a google search for salons who do wedding and bridal hair and makeup. If you’re looking for a team to come to you- type in Onsite/Mobile Wedding Hair and Makeup Team (insert state here). Wedding search engines like The Knot and Wedding Wire area also great resources for finding experts in your area. Be sure to look at reviews on these sites- they’re written by REAL couples so you’ll get the honest scoop!

As a sub-point here- make sure you ASK QUESTIONS of your artist up front. If you’re envisioning a particular look, ask the stylist if it would work with your hair type and texture. If your heart is set on airbrush makeup, make sure your artist offers that service. Are you sensitive to certain product ingredients? Say this STRAIGHT away!
You may need to interview several people before you find the right one- and believe me, there are artists who specialize in EVERYTHING.  You’ll also be spending your precious wedding morning with this person all up in your business, so be sure that your personalities vibe.   If you don’t find the right fit right away- don’t lose hope, and BE PICKY!  


4) Schedule/Reserve/Book!

The last step for finding your hair and makeup artist for your wedding is… (you guessed it): SCHEDULE, RESERVE, and BOOK! Many hair and makeup teams book out for the popular dates between June-October a year in advance. Here’s a free guide to help you know when to book all your beauty services for your wedding,- complete with a timeline and simple checklist!

Do you have more questions? Leave a comment below.