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Winter’s been feeling draggy- especially here in MN.  On the plus side- days are getting longer and brighter- and if you’re anything like me, you’re getting the almost uncontainable urge to throw open the windows, chuck all the clutter that’s been accumulating throughout your winter hibernation and claw your way out of your cave- transformed, refreshed, and rejuvenated!  Anyone else?  The clawing?

Keep your couch though.  And those curtains… you’ll still want a bed to sleep in- my advice?  Start small and refresh your make-up, hair, skin, and wardrobe.  It’ll create a beautiful momentum…

1. First step: Clear out your make-up.

When’s the last time you really looked at everything in your make-up bag?  And the drawer?  And the purse lipsticks buried in every handbag? Oh, yeah.  I know about those.  I’m all about having lots of make-up to play with- but when it’s scattered about it’s A. hard to know what you really have, and B. more likely something’s expired- buried in the glitter clutch from that gala four years ago in the back of your closet. And let’s not forget C. those outdated shades don’t serve you- toss them in favor of a fresh new hue! Gather every piece of make-up you own and put it in a pile.  Release judgements please!  Who cares that you’re a make-up hoarder?  You’re on your way to recovery.  Toss every eyeshadow that’s broken and dull, only keep one of every product- one foundation, one mascara, one eyeliner in each color, one lipstick in each shade.  Then go through each item and ask yourself how you feel when you wear it.  If it’s anything less than EMPOWERED, AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, or BAD-ASS, you’re wasting your energy on it.  Toss it- and find something new. Aveda’s new lipstick line is pretty rad…

2.  Schedule a haircut or color consultation.

There’s nothing better than a fresh haircut and color done by someone who truly loves what they do.  Maybe you have an idea of a new look you’ve always wanted to try- or maybe you have no idea!  Consulting with the RIGHT professional makes a world of difference.  For a new haircut, go to see an expert who will analyze your face shape, hair type and texture, and lifestyle. For a fresh outlook on your color, consult a professional who’ll consider your skin tone, upkeep schedule and personality.  Here are some of my favorite places for that:  For a new haircut/make-up look: Come to see ME! Book your appointment to see me in the North Loop, Minneapolis here. For some fresh color: see Tammy Martz at Juut Wayzata- she’s masterful at her craft and will create something perfect for you- book with her by calling to reserve an appointment: (952)404-9955.

3.  Oil Up.  Your skin, your hair, your insides… EVERYTHING. COVERED. IN OIL.

If you’re living in the dryness of the midwest like me right now- this is especially important!  Choose a body oil with natural ingredients so you’re not feeding your body parabens and synthetic fragrances.  Make a ritual out of moisturizing your skin, and take the time to connect with your body- thank each body part as your moisturize it for it’s awesomeness: thank you calves for being a champ about those stilettos yesterday, thank you ass for all the squat jumps, thank you arms for carrying my baby… your body needs attention too, and this is a powerful way to show yourself some love and up your body awareness.

Is your hair feeling a little crispy? Coat your dry ends in some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and wrap your hair up in a plastic hair cap while you catch some zzz’s.  Your hair will feel like silk after you’ve shampooed and styled it the next day- no expensive deep conditioners required!!

Oil up your insides with a high quality Fish Oil and you’ll experience better digestion, glowing skin, sparkly hair and healthy nails- that’s right- it’s great for your insides and your outsides!  Repeat after me, ‘We love oil’. ‘Oil is healthy.”

4. Find (and wear) your power color.

Does your closet looks like a less sexy version of 50 shades of gray?  It might be time to spice things up! Your power color is the color that makes you feel like the most authentic, expressive version of you.  It’s the color that you always receive compliments for wearing, and more importantly- makes you feel like a million bucks!  If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen yourself and the world with some color- it’s time to venture away from all those neutrals and go exploring.  Unsure where to start?  Check out Pantone’s color of the year for something fresh and on trend- and incorporate 2018’s shade Ultraviolet into your outfit in some way on a weekly basis.  If you’re not an all-over purple person maybe that means a pair of earrings or some colored shoes… (For me, it meant skipping Pantone’s recommendation and impulse buying chrome high-tops with a color-changing light-up sole… yeah… Not subtle. But AWESOME.)  If you still want some guidance about finding your power color- check out color meanings and wear something based on how you want to FEEL.

Use this season’s beautiful momentum to transform this Spring- the cave’s been comfy, but it’s time for a change of scenery.  E-mail me if you have any questions, or just to say hello!  I’d love to hear from you!



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