The Holidays are… let’s be honest, f-ing crazy.

holiday party

Good intentions aside, schedules and priorities take over, and our days are bombarded by party invitations, winter colds and flu, and tireless consumerism (my Amazon delivery driver might as well just be assigned to my house)…
Try fitting self-care into the chaos- and well, it’s the first thing to fall by the way-side.
Even though it’s literally the ONLY thing that will help you feel sane.

Here are 5 SUPER-SIMPLE ways to create peace amidst all the holiday chaos:

1) Create a morning ritual.

This doesn’t need to be an elaborate tea ceremony followed by two hours of meditation- I’m talking a simple ritual that reminds you to b r e a t h e. These first moments of your morning set the tone for the ENTIRE rest of your day- you owe it to yourself to create some peace before your day has it’s way with you.
Some of my favs are- hot water with lemon right away in the morning and 5 minutes of pre-cell phone time (yes, that means leave it on DO NOT DISTURB in the other room).
Create an action plan for the day- this can be a simple to-do list, I like to include time-frames for each task.  (LOVING @thymeishoney list planner downloads for this…
It could be sitting in the quiet of your office before a workday with your eyes closed for 2 minutes and breathing.
Walking the dog around the block before the kids wake up.
Lighting a candle (or plugging in the Christmas tree) and taking inventory of your body- asking, ‘what needs attention?’ (thanks Sage Lewis).
Keep it simple.  You only need 5 minutes- and don’t even try to tell me you don’t have time…

2) Schedule Down-time.

If it isn’t scheduled, it just isn’t happening.  If you want time for you (or NEED it, which, let’s be honest, we ALL do), schedule it as a NON-NEGOTIABLE in your
planner.  Tell your assistant you’re in a meeting.  Turn your phone off so no one can reach you.  Go to your favorite place or just find a couch and get horizontal- whatever makes you feel human again- DO IT.  You’ll be better for yourself, your family, and your work.

3) Say No.

This is the season of over-committing. There are a hundred-thousand fun parties to go to, and cookie exchanges, and meet-ups, and coffee dates, and… is your head spinning?  My favorite way to clear out my social calendar is a trick from Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism- he says, if it isn’t a ‘Hell, Yes’, then it’s a ‘Hell, No’.  Sounds dramatic, but your time is precious, and it’s far too valuable to spend it doing things you don’t really want to do- like your cousin’s, brother’s, nephew’s, father’s, son’s, former roommate’s ugly sweater party. #Spaceballs=love

4) Weed Through Your Traditions:

The holidays are ALL ABOUT tradition.  And traditions are fabulous, they remind us of where we’ve been and honor those that came before us.  But when the tradition isn’t fun anymore, or everyone’s doing it only because they feel like they HAVE to (Grandma would roll-over in her grave if we didn’t make her mincemeat pie!!!), then it might be time to ditch it and try something new.  Guilt and obligation have no spot at the holiday table if you refuse to let them in the door.  We had Indian food on one Thanksgiving celebration and Fajitas with home-made tortillas at another- the prep was SUPER easy (we went to a restaurant for Indian) and my tastebuds were NOT upset.
Still skeptical about finding your zen?  It might be time to retreat. Even if it’s just for a day…

5) Schedule a day for yourself in January.

Like this day-retreat I’m co-hosting in Minneapolis: newyearnewyou.ontrapages.com.  to get clear about what you want to create in your new year.  Having a day scheduled just for YOU on the calendar can be the light you need at the end of the crazy-holiday tunnel.

If you’re ready for some clarity and action- join me in January!  I’d love to meet you.

Happy holidays!