Hi!  I’m Stephanie.

I’m a hair & make-up artist, entrepreneur and coach, and I’m here to show you you’re beautiful.

After over a decade in the beauty industry working/creating/educating at a top salon in the Aveda network, I realized nurturing OUTER beauty only covers half the picture.

I woke up one day and realized the ‘beautiful’ life I’d created was actually killing me.  I left that life, the husband, the house, the over-working, the negativity, and the old me- I dumped it all and re-invented myself.

This time, by my own design.

I’m here to help you become the beautiful, powerful, sparkly you that you’ve always known you could be.  (oh, yeah- you sparkle!)

Maybe you forgot about her, like I did. But it’s never too late to create a life and look you love.