It’s the New Year- the clean slate we all crave and you’re ready to kick 2019’s ass.
Until something gets in your way- like when you remember there’s a reason you don’t get up at 5a.m. to workout: it’s called snooze, the perfect sleep number, and the comfy-est comforter that ever comforted.

According to Business Insider, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February. Do you want to be among the 20% that power through? There’s one simple thing you need to start with:

In order to achieve success with your 2019 resolutions (or ANYTHING this year)- you need to make this simple mindset shift first:

Here’s why it’s that freaking simple:

Most resolutions are born out of a desire for wanting something different in your life- something you don’t already have.  Things like, a smaller waistline, more patience, or bigger numbers in your bank account.  The problem is- when you’re considering your resolutions and goals, it isn’t enough to just decide what you want.  If life was an ice cream store, sure, you could decide you want to trade in your basic vanilla life for a strawberry chocolate swirl with hunks of cake mixed in- order up, and boom! You’d have your awesomely delicious life!

Unfortunately the universe doesn’t quite take orders like Ben & Jerry’s- it requires you do a little work ;).

The most important part of making all your resolutions successful in 2019 (or ever) is to make a plan to successfully integrate CHANGE into your life.  This requires YOU to change.  Your routines must change, your habits, your mindset, and your behaviors.  So before you jump on the resolution-train, ask yourself this first:

Who do I have to BE to have the things I want in 2019?

Followed by:

Am I ready to make these changes?

If you’re not willing to change, then don’t!  And don’t put yourself through the pain of making goals and failing at them- stay in bed, eat cupcakes, and be happy!

If the answer is yes, then ready, set, resolve, baby!  You’re gonna crush your resolutions for 2019.  

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