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A Course About Creating Your Life On Purpose

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Dive in to this 6-week course with an open mind and heart.

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Helping You Achieve Greatness

Unlock Your Full Potential

Live A Meaningful, Intentional Life

Purposeful ACTION is exactly what this course is about.  The course is a video and audio-based activity guide to changing your life with purpose (aka creating the life you want!)


Are you afraid of staying stuck and not reaching your full potential?

Are you tired of your life running you?

Do you crave a more exciting, passionate existence?

Have you been feeling like things aren't quite right, but aren't sure where to start?

Live From Your Heart

Identify your values and use them as a filter to live your best life

Claim Your Greatness

Love who you are right now and discover the confidence to become your best self

Clear Your Path

Get rid of everything that’s no longer serving you to feel empowered and free

Empower Your Life

Develop the skills you need to create the life you want and continue to grow

What Is The Choose Your Story Course &
Who is It For?

The Choose Your Story Course is a six- week online curriculum focused on giving you the tools, confidence, and roadmap for creating your life on purpose. Weekly videos and audios guide you through activities in a beautiful paper-bound workbook at your own convenience… and you have access for life.

You're ready to make a change and not sure where to start

This is the perfect starting point.  Being ready to make a change is essential: this course will walk you through the ‘how’.

You're always trying to be better and do better, but often feel out of time or energy

This is SO normal.  Often being and doing better becomes being and doing MORE.  Who has time for that?  In this course, you learn how to do less, and create more.  

You're worried about starting something too big to finish

You’re in the right place.  This course is delivered online, in bite-sized pieces.  You’ll receive new information each week, but you’ll have access forever- so you can go at your own pace.  There’s no pressure to be in a certain place at an exact time- you can go through the whole course in your pajamas on the couch if you want!

You've lived your life according to the 'rules', and now you're questioning them

We’ve grown up in a society FULL of expectations of who and what we should be.  This course helps you define what’s true for YOU- so you’re making the rules instead of following someone else’s.

You're afraid you aren't making progress in your life

You have all the power within you to pursue any life you decide you want- the key is deciding to go after it.  Choose yourself, choose your dreams, Choose Your Story and you will be living your best life.



In the first module, you’ll take a real, honest inventory of where you are right now so you can better see where you’d like to go. 


Identify your values

Embrace ALL of you- the 'good' and the 'bad'

Learn to visualize who you want to be through guided meditation

Get crystal clear about what you want

Set SMART goals

Create supportive affirmations and mindsets


In the second module, you’ll learn to clear everything out of your way in order to live your best life. 


Identify and clear out your nasty inner dialogue

Stop 'should-ing' all over yourself and challenge your beliefs

Evaluate and re-create your daily schedule

Learn to say NO

Create supportive boundaries

Clear out the physical clutter


In the third module, you’ll learn how to re-program your brain and body to accomplish your goals.

Learn about the BE-DO-HAVE paradigm

Overcome resistance in your mind

Create new neural pathways to overcome old programming

Understand technology addiction

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Embrace your inner child


In the fourth module, learn how to integrate sustainable and supportive self-care practices into your life. 

Learn about the importance of self-care

Overcome obstacles to giving yourself what you need

Learn practical tips for integrating self-care into every schedule

Use self-care as a tool for crushing your goals

Re-commit to the life you're choosing

Actively Choose Your Story

About Me

Hi, I’m Stephanie!  I’m a life coach and beauty entrepreneur, an unfailing optimist with a glitter obsession- and I freaking LOVE helping people design their best lives.

I’ve been right where you are- not sure where to start and just KNOWING there’s got to be something more to my life than this.  There’s freedom from all the should’s and expectations… freedom to actively CHOOSE your life- choose your story.

That freedom is yours- you just have to decide to have it, and live it every damn day.  Great things are built and discovered a little bit at a time, and I’d love to show you how!


“The book is gorgeous. I love that there is a physical product I can hold, read, carry around with me, and look back on after completing the course!”

“The processes in the course are so valuable and essential.  I’ve been telling EVERYONE about it!”

“The activities and visualizations inspired me; it was a way to think forward and focus on being creative and expansive with my happiness!”

“This is the college course that we ought to have taken every year to identify what we want and how to be happy- that’s priceless.”

“The course is an empowering, incredibly effective tool to help you transform multiple areas of your life on your terms.”

“If I could describe the course in one word it would be empowering.  That’s it!”

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the course take?

-The course is delivered over 6 weeks and the average time commitment is two hours per week.  

What if I don’t finish in 6 weeks?

– No worries!  You’ll have access for life- so you can go through the process at your own pace.

Is the course refundable?

-The course is non-refundable since part of your purchase is donated to a worthy cause!

When and how do I receive my workbook?

-Your workbook is delivered by mail and will be shipped within two days of your purchase of the course- however, there’s a downloadable version if you’d like to get started right away!  

When I’ve finished the course, can I take it again?

-YES!  Many of the participants of the course choose to go through the process over and over again.  You can access it any time you want, and you can choose to go through it with the new groups as well.