Trying to Create Flat Iron curls at home can be tricky.

Flatiron curls are something I’ve had several friends and clients ask me for tutorials on and I’ve shared them privately or even shared other YouTube videos. So I thought…I should create a flat iron curl resource for anybody to use.

Before you begin here are some tips to get you prepped:

  • Start with freshly blown out hair or air dried hair. 
  • Don’t try on previously flat ironed hair.
  • Use a heat protectant to avoid damaging your ends. I used Aveda Heat Relief 
  • Use a flat iron that gets hot AND has a smaller paddle (about an inch or so) . A large paddle flat iron will not work.
  • Consider your hair length and thickness before you begin. You may need to section off your hair.

Beauty is only half the picture- you can spend all this time making yourself look good and still feel terrible on the inside.

This may sound really cliche and terrible, but it’s true!

Excuse me while I switch from my beauty hat to my coaching hat.

Even as you take on something new today (like attempting flat iron curls) chances are you’re gonna be a little bit hard on yourself.  Keeping the right mindset, even as you try something new, will keep you motivated to persevere. 

Don’t let fear, negativity, and shame motivate you. You may fumble through something the first time but give yourself time to learn. 

Celebrate small wins. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself. 

Give yourself grace.

(I’ve been in the beauty industry for 13 years and I don’t always get it right)

EmBeau stands for empowerment and beauty.

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