Although the days of the nostalgic vision boards seem outdated (you know, the ones with clipped magazine images pasted to poster boards), the value in creating a vision board withstands the test of time. With technology, your smartphone, and about 30 minutes of your day, you can create your own digital vision board and keep your inspiration and focus for the year right where you want it– at your fingertips!

Here’s how you can create your own digital vision board: (Take the free workshop or read on for the basics!)

Step 1: Visualization/Journal

If you’re looking for a guided mediation or journal prompt spark some ideas about your vision board, then check out the Embeau Free Resource Vault for free tools.

Step 2: Find Digital Inspiration

A great place to start searching for inspiration is Pinterest. From inspiration quotes, design ideas, articles, podcast, and blogs–there are so many channels to find what ignites your heart. While you’re on Pinterest, don’t forget to check out EmBeau’s Inspiration Board to read my favorite quotes.

Step 3: Organize and Sort

Keep your ideas organize and sorted. This can help you sift through your ideas and help you decide what’s REALLY important to you right now. Prioritizing is important here!

Step 4: Gut Check

The images you choose for your digital vision board need to deeply excite you. Your emotions ground your body in it’s experiences, and in order to get the most out of your digital vision board, check your gut. Do the images excite you? Can you actually picture yourself having the experiences you’ve chosen for your vision board? Choose images that are exciting and inspiring.

Step 5: Canva

Canva is my FAVORITE online tool for creating any digital design. The program is free, and with it’s drag and drop features, it’s SUPER intuitive to use. For a more detailed tutorial on how to use Canva specifically for your digital vision board, be sure to watch my free digital vision board workshop. I walk through all the Canva basics- no tech skills required ;).

Step 6: Print!

The whole point of creating a vision board is to use it to visualize the experiences you want to bring in to your life. In order to do that effectively, you need to put your vision board somewhere you can SEE it every day! I recommend downloading your digital design for your desktop and iPad backgrounds, and printing a copy to hang in your bedroom or office.

Now that you’ve created a vision board, what’s next? If you’re looking to find meaning in everything you do, then take a few minutes to check out this blog and be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter for freebies, tips, and more!