Most women have experienced a “beauty malfunction” a time or two. It may take a while to unblock the memory, but you know what I mean…

The at-home hair dye incident.

A self-tanner gone wrong.

A painful shaving story. 

A false eye lash mishap.

Or in my case, an eyebrow horror story… 

Although in the moment this horror story can shake your entire world and maybe even thinking about it years later makes you squirm, after some time has passed, it loses a little bit of it’s power.

Months after junior prom, I remember looking back at the pictures as I was scrapbooking and I pointed out to my high school boyfriend my eyebrow. Because I hid under a hat and used a brow pencil, he had NO IDEA! Even after I told him, guess what? He didn’t even care that I had waxed off my eyebrow. And just like that– the power of that terrible experience was gone.

What I’ve taken away from this beauty mishap was this:

When we share our experiences with the people closest to us about terrible or even embarrassing things going on in our lives, it gives those situations less power.

Now granted this was a partial eyebrow waxing incident, but I bet you can think of other, similar experiences that seemed like a big deal until… they weren’t.

The second time my eyebrow was accidentally waxed off, although I wasn’t thrilled, it was much less traumatic. Sometimes the things we fear the most have so much emotional power because we’re actually afraid of what other people will think- not because the experience itself is actually that traumatic.

Do you have your own eyebrow horror story? Leave a comment and tell me about it below ;).

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