Talk to almost any bride and she’ll admit, the wedding day is the BEST day ever. All the stress, money, and time are worth it to have everyone you love in one room celebrating with you. That being said, there’s a lot you can do to reduce wedding-day stress- and all it takes is a little attention and planning. Here are FOUR easy tips for a stress-free wedding day.

Build In Buffer Time.

At nearly every wedding I’ve helped beautify, I’ve heard someone say- does any wedding ever start on time? The answer: YES. But only for the brides who are good with timelines and/or hire great coordinators for the big day.

Adding buffer time to your big day gives you room to breathe and welcome the unexpected (because there’s always SOMETHING). 

You”ll also have a chance to be really present on the big day for little moments with your loved ones. Just how much buffer time should you schedule to reduce your wedding-day stress?

Check out this free PDF planning template for creating your perfect, stress-free timeline without hiring a wedding coordinator ;).


Let’s face it, a wedding is FAR too complex for one human to manage- especially while working full-time, getting fit for the big day, and you know- having a life!? And think about it- do you think the star of ANY show plans and coordinates their event?

Now, you probably don’t have Beyonce’s funds, but I bet you DO have a type-A friend or family member in your life that would LOVE to help you.

Identify the tasks that you’ve been dragging your feet on and ask a buddy to step in. Many brides reduce stress by asking for help with research, inspiration, making calls, and managing difficult family dynamics ;). Don’t be afraid to ask for help- you might be surprised by how much fun the right person will have in that role!

Budget and Pre-pay.

Weddings are no joke for your bank account. The average wedding cost for 125-150 guests in 2019 is just shy of $30,000. Not everyone has funds like that lying around, and one of the biggest wedding-related stressors for newly married couples is MONEY.

BEFORE you get started with your planning, take an honest look at your finances and decide how much you can afford-

(including any generous contributions from family) and compare it with the vision you have for your day. Use your budget as a filter when choosing your vendors.  And whenever possible- pre-pay. Remember: your wedding ceremony is ONE DAY, and your marriage is (hopefully) MUCH longer than that. Coordinating a ceremony and reception is stressful enough- you don’t need to kick off your nuptials with a pile of debt.

Do Something You LOVE on your wedding morning.

You might be saying, STEPH, when do I have time for that!? Well, first, if you followed step one for reducing stress on your wedding day (with the free template), you’ll have built-in time for YOU.

Choose something that makes you feel light, happy, and free.

Grab breakfast at your favorite spot with your bridal party, go for a run, meditate… it’s YOUR day, why not make sure you’re feeling awesome right from the get-go?

What are some of your favorite stress-management tricks? Drop me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!