Who hasn’t heard about limiting your screen time?

-But have you considered limiting your screen time for the sake of your sanity? What about for the sake of productivity?

If you’re about to grab your phone to check a text, or click out of this browser screen- but don’t tune me out yet.

Get ready with me as I share why I try to start each day with limited input from my work email, cellphone, and other stressors… and I PROMISE, if you implement this in your life, you will feel clearer, calmer, and more productive.


After recovering from concussion, I was told to limit my stress in order for my brain to heal. This means sitting in a dark room without the television on or scrolling through my cellphone. Limited input from screens and minimal stress not only healed my brain, but created mental space. With this new mental space I felt profound peace.

So now, before I begin my day, I limit my cellphone and computer use. With fresh energy I am able to tackle tasks without bombardment from notifications, advertisements, or emails. Staying “offline” all day isn’t really an option (especially with running an online business), but limiting the avenues you receive input can keep you on task. This may look like separating yourself from your cellphone, turning off notifications, or limiting the time you read emails. Imagine a work day where you work proactively instead of reactively?

Minimizing input or limiting the avenues you receive input from can help you become more productive by limiting your distractions.

*Inserts mind-blown emoji

Do you have another morning routine that prepares you for the work day (besides the coffee)? Leave me a comment and tell me below 🙂

About The Author

Hi, I’m Stephanie!  I’m a life + business strategist and entrepreneur, a recovering perfectionist with a glitter obsession- and I freaking LOVE helping people design their best lives.

I’ve been right where you are- not sure where to start and just KNOWING there’s got to be something more to my life than this.  There’s freedom from all the should’s and expectations… freedom to actively CHOOSE your life- choose your story.

That freedom is yours- you just have to decide to have it, and live it every damn day.  Great things are built and discovered a little bit at a time, and I’d love to show you how!