Hi!  I’m Stephanie.

Leveling Up

Press Release For Immediate Release

Stephanie Domrose guides those who are ready to ‘level up’ and experience life consciously and holistically in:


-‘Embeau’ (pronounced Imbue) derives from the combination of the words empowerment and beauty, and that is exactly what life coach Stephanie Domrose exudes.

Having worked in a salon and as a bridal hairstylist and makeup artist, Stephanie was inspired by women to inspire women to flourish personally and professionally.
Leveling up is a term she uses to describe the next step in a person’s life when they are ready to make a transition; in their career, in their marriage, in their personal self-worth.
When a person knows they want to move forward, they want to grow, and they are looking for a guide-

Stephanie provides free online resources, a physical journal workbook, an in-depth, life-changing Mastercourse, and in-person/phone coaching. 

Stephanie’s clients shine with confidence and clarity- and with her help create new rituals and practices, yielding more fulfilled lives with purpose and direction.

To learn more about Stephanie’s life coaching sessions and leveling up click here.