The Three Mistakes You’re Making Right Away In The Morning

Mornings MATTER.  And if you’re like most people, you hit the ground after a couple snoozes and let the day take you.

In an ideal world, we all have super supportive morning routines- but if you’ve never implemented one before, the task can seem kind of daunting.

It’s best to start small. The first step to establishing any good morning routine is noticing the mistakes you might be making, and creating a plan to fix them!

Read on (or watch the video) to learn just that.

These are the three mistakes you’re probably making in the morning and how to fix them!

Three Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Away In The Morning

Mistake One: SNOOZING

The first big mistake many people make in the morning is hitting the snooze button. Snoozing messes with your body’s natural rhythms and ability to wake up. When you hit snooze for that extra 5 minutes, you’ll actually feel more foggy and less alert for the rest of your morning!  Trade those extra five minutes for HOURS of feeling good. Your brain will thank you for it!

Mistake Two: Coffee before Water

We’ve all been there- foggy, tired, and just CRAVING caffeine to get the brain moving! Your body is very dehydrated in the morning and studies show, that when you begin the day with water (specifically warm water with lemon) you’re better hydrated, more mentally alert, and more likely to drink water throughout the rest of your day. Don’t worry, you can down your cup or two of joe AFTER you hydrate!

Mistake Three: Picking up your cell phone

This third mistake is the MOST COMMON de-railer of your morning’s success. You have precious morning minutes to start your day actively.  The moment you pick up your phone and check the news, your texts, or your favorite social media apps, you’re giving your attention, thoughts, and extra brain-power away to things that don’t necessarily require your attention!  Use your moments in the morning, even if it’s the first 30 minutes, to DECIDE how your day is going to be. Prioritize output over input.

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