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About a year ago, I had my first real-life entrepreneurial unicorn sighting.

You know her: she’s running her business while keeping her cool, taking weekends off, traveling, sharing awesome social stories, staying fit, checking off (crushing) her focused, productive to-do list every day. She delegates tasks easily and effortlessly and she only does work she loves.

I’ve long coveted this unicorn’s rosy existence and wondered:
1) Is it real or an instagram illusion?
2) How can I have just a tiny piece of that rainbow?

About a year ago, I was asking myself these same questions- I was in between clients at my salon space (one of my three jobs at the time) and a blue-eyed beauty peeked into the rental room and asked to have her hair cut and colored. I squeezed her into the schedule later that week.
When Dani returned for her appointment and we settled into the get-to-know you conversations, she told me about all the jobs she so gracefully juggles as an entrepreneur- she’s a social media manager, blogger, graphic designer, has a top-rated Etsy shop with some killer products, and most recently, has started the Plan Podcast.

I had spotted the unicorn- she was sitting in my chair.

I was immediately curious about how she conquered it all- I had (and still have) multiple jobs so to speak, and often felt like I was burning at both ends. Dani seemed remarkably put together… I had to know more. So I did what any gal would do-
stalked the shit out of her on social media ;).

This is where I found her organizational invention:
The Daily Page.

The Daily Page is a beautiful, minimalist style planning tool to help anyone balance a busy schedule, personal wellness, and their to-do list all in one place- on a single page!
I’m by nature, a pen and paper gal, so I purchased the digital file so I could print off my own pages at home.

Here’s why it works:

The Daily Page keeps all of the things in one place.

Yes, you can write a to-do list on any old piece of paper. BUT- having a structured, one page document where you can visually sort tasks, set priorities, track your water and food, appointments, and wellness all in one place is, well, SO MUCH BETTER than any old piece of paper!

The format reminds you to ‘be well’.

Because, honestly, many days I forget to drink water or even schedule a break. When it’s front and center and actually a task on my to-do list, breaks suddenly feel productive! I get to check a box after my 15 minute meditation (okay nap) break?! Yes please!

You can sort your top priorities for the day.

Perhaps my favorite section on the page is the Top Three area. It forces me to examine my long list for the day and choose three things to focus on. Many productivity experts say to focus on the hardest tasks first or your natural tendency will be to procrastinate- so I generally use this area to prioritize my hardest and most time-consuming tasks so they’re top of mind. Once they’re done, the day feels like a huge success!

The specificity of The Daily Page makes it easy to build habits and rituals around using it.

I’ve built a routine around using my Daily Page- before I dive into my inbox or even return a text, I’ll sit at my desk, sip my coffee, and crack open my paper planner to copy my tasks for the day. Once it’s all laid out, I’ll strategize based on my scheduled activities and my energy level by chunking my day into 90 minute increments. Nothing feels better than checking off the boxes as I go! At the end of my work day, I keep the page, put arrows in the boxes that still need attention and move those tasks over to the next day’s page.

It makes your daily successes measurable.

As an entrepreneur, each and every day looks SO different. Having a page to record and organize the chaos makes the million different things I do in a day count. When it’s laid out in front of me, I can mindfully and methodically work my way through and check tasks off one by one. Suddenly my progress is tangible – because I’ve tracked it.
It’s turned what often feels like blacking out in front of a computer screen for 10 hours into a structured, intentional, plan.  I end up chipping away at the tasks that truly matter to me- with healthy a sprinkling of wellness breaks in between.

They say one of the top tips for success is to surround yourself with people who are living the life you want to live.

Dani’s living a beautiful life and constantly inspiring others with her amazing freebies (seriously, sign up for her e-mail list), and the Plan Podcast (of which, I’m honored to be a guest on soon!)

So, if you can’t literally surround yourself with such a person, you can become digital friends with this unicorn and use the same tools she does to create YOUR own best life. Level up your organizational game here– and use code HONEY at checkout for 10% off ;).  Trust me, it’s a game-changer!





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