Have you wondered why self-care is suddenly a buzz-word in the last few years?

It’s because we SUCK at it.

Productivity and self-worth have become linked in the collective conscious, and the results are in: we’re bombarded with chronic depression, exhaustion, and overall unhappiness.

The good news is- you have the power to change your patterning- and it’s actually really FUN. (Yep, it’s okay to enjoy your self-indulgence around here).

Here are four reasons you need self-care, and a free challenge to help you do it.


1. (Insert ye old oxygen mask adage here. )

You’ve certainly heard it- put on your oxygen mask before helping others. Why? When you give yourself the care you need, you have more passion, energy, and positivity to share with EVERYONE you come into contact with! It’s not rocket science- you go first, end of story.

2. Martyrdom is overrated.

Before you stab me with a scathing hate-comment about how heavy your cross is, please hear me out. I’ve BEEN this person. I’ve found PRIDE in fulfilling everyone else’s needs before my own, and THANKFULNESS in the resulting exhaustion. I thought it was my place in the world. If this is you, please take a step back and ask yourself why everyone else is more important than you- because that’s the message you’re sending to your sub-conscience.  This is TERRIBLE for your self-worth! Think of the people you take care of the most- and give yourself that gift too. You deserve it.

3. You can lead by example for those who look up to you.

Everyone around you is affected by your behavior- especially your kids, spouse, and co-workers/employees. If those in upper-management at your office skip lunch, email after 9 p.m., and have zero boundaries, you’re perpetuating the problem by participating in it. If you want a culture change, start by changing the one you have the most control over: YOU.

If you’re constantly skipping meals, or stressing out because you aren’t getting enough time to yourself, change it. No one is going to follow you around and make sure you’ve done your self-care for the day- YOU have to make it a priority.

Your changes will radiate to those around you-, and wouldn’t you rather be someone who’s working to better yourself rather than beating yourself further into the ground?

4. Your body is your home. If you don’t take care of it, it will fall apart.

You’re stuck in this body- your bones, skin, hair, organs- they’re (mostly) the only ones you get! Chronic self-neglect can lead to serious diseases and disorders in your precious bod-(where you LIVE) and you have no way of getting out of it alive!!! This is a little dramatic, but please, for the love of your beautiful body, take care of you. Go back to the basics here for self-care: Shower regularly, get 8 hours of sleep, eliminate fried foods most days, put on some lotion, stretch for 15 minutes. It doesn’t have to be big and expensive- the little things are often the most powerful.

Hopefully you’re convinced to give self-care a try. Click here to join us this November for the FREE self-care challenge– it’s the only way I’ve been able to be consistent with providing it to myself. And bonus, it’s fun!!