As a beauty industry veteran, I can confidently say 90% of people who walk into a salon and say, ‘chop all my hair off, I’m ready!!’ are going through something.

Usually something big.

Women notoriously crave a pixie-cut when going through a break-up, and many ideas that previously seemed out of the question (blunt bangs!?) suddenly appear to be the opposite. We all have a need to express our inner world, (especially as it’s changing), to communicate to the outside world.

Many traditions have outwardly-expressed symbols of inside grief: Native Americans cut their hair as a sign of mourning, and in many cultures widows were known to wear black for a year to silently communicate their loss, (and perhaps also to silently say, ‘don’t f-ing talk to me, I’m sad….’).

Your outer expression is a powerful form of non-verbal communication.  It not only communicates who you are to the outside world, it helps you convince yourself that your non-tangible-inner-world changes are real.

Aligning your inner and outer worlds and matching them with who you really are in every moment, is the only way to live an authentic, purposeful life.

You will never fully express change if you can’t communicate it. And change- well, it’s the only thing that we can really count on.

If you don’t keep up, you will still have mall bangs and a spiral perm even though we said goodbye to that decade thirty years ago- and while you may LOVE that part of your life, is it the part you’re living right now?

Outwardly communicating changes verbally and non-verbally helps you solidify and claim who and what you are, right at this moment.  You’re asserting yourself in your reality- and affirming what you know to be true right NOW.  That’s powerful!

That post-breakup pixie cut is a declaration that you’re hurting, and you’re different than you were before. You’re deciding to show up in a new way in order to create a new experience, even if that experience is merely- how’s the dating scene for short-coiffed blondes?

Your physical expression helps you change, so use it.

it’s an important and often overlooked tool for deepening the experience of being human- and exploring the different aspects of being you ;).

What are your favorite ways to express change and reinvent yourself?  Leave a comment below ;).

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