This is not a ‘put on some makeup ‘cause girl… you need it’ message. Marketing messages have ALWAYS associated flawless looking skin and beautiful makeup with success, rich-ness, and perfection. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

Makeup can (and should) be a part of your daily routine.

The problem is we’ve been conditioned to believe we HAVE to wear it, and now we’re confused and resistant and associate foundation with the patriarchy… ‘why don’t you just powder your nose and leave the big decisions for the men…’ or worse, our Mothers’ insecurities- ‘I will NEVER leave the house without my mascara!!’
No wonder we have a love-hate relationship with makeup! We don’t want to be thought of as vain or self-absorbed, or attract unwanted attention for the way we look.

Resistance aside, here’s WHY you should put on some makeup during your morning routine.


No- this doesn’t mean put on makeup so you can get attention.

Spending even five minutes paying attention to yourself in the morning is a really powerful practice… I would liken it to self-care.

Take this time to completely focus on YOU. Massage your face with a luxurious moisturizer. Accentuate your best features. Tell yourself you’re beautiful- and enough with the toxic ‘I’m gonna cover this shit UP’ dialogue when it comes to your makeup. You’re a gorgeous human- celebrate it with some damn lipstick.



Take this time for yourself every morning to get your mind right.

How do you want to be today? What ‘look’ will support your day’s activities? If you’re going to the beach, maybe it’s sunscreen, a quick eyelash curl and waterproof mascara. (Finish it off with a salt- spray for your hair to accentuate your beachy waves!). If you have a coffee date with a friend, what look would best suit you and the outfit you’ve chosen?

Be intentional, and use the practice to help you plan your day.



Makeup isn’t essential- you don’t need it to be you. But it sure is FUN.

If you’ve ever rocked red lipstick you can attest: something about it makes you feel like you can rule. the. WORLD.

So, how do you want to feel today? Who do you want to be today?

Use makeup to express yourself authentically and you’ll feel oh so good about it!

There may be times when you want to express yourself by NOT wearing makeup. If you’re going out into the world bare-faced- rock it! Do it because you love the skin you’re in and you want to be natural and free.

Bottom line, pay attention to your energy behind wearing makeup.

If any of it is negative, know that this is a choice and probably supported by years of societal conditioning. Begin empowering yourself by flipping your script, deciding WHY you want to wear makeup, and apply it as a celebration of the beautiful creature you are!